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A global research university with an uncommon emphasis on undergraduate research and education, UC Santa Cruz is part of the world’s most celebrated system of public higher education, and stands among the most renowned institutions of higher learning.

Research news

Milk-producing alveolar cells shown in magenta and milk protein shown in yellow in this cross-section of a mouse mammary gland at day five of lactation. (Image courtesy of Julien Menendez)

A new path to increasing lactation

Scientists at UC Santa Cruz have discovered a cellular process in the breast that can increase milk production by pregnant women, revealing a potential path to addressing lactation insufficiency syndrome—the inability of a nursing mother to produce sufficient milk to meet their infant’s nutritional needs.

The faculty-led humanities research projects include several linguistics inquiries, such as one led by Prof. Jaye Padgett focused on conducting ultrasound/acoustic analyses. (Photo by Elena Zhukova)

Humanities program provides research experience—and career prep

Employing Humanities–funded undergraduate students have begun working with faculty in paid research opportunities that connect their classroom curriculum with hands-on training.

Telomeres are found at the ends of chromosomes and play a critical role in the cell-renewal process. (Credit: National Human Genome Research Institute)

Study finds potential targets at chromosome ends for disease prevention

Telomeres, crucial for cell division, show surprising chromosome-specific length patterns. A new study using nanopore sequencing—invented at UC Santa Cruz—unveils potential targets for disease prevention and innovative drug screening.

Real-world experience

Undergraduates have the unique opportunity to participate in world-class research, both creative and scientific, at UC Santa Cruz. Both undergrad and graduate students gain academic experience and career exploration as they engage in the pursuit of knowledge.

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Research with impact

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Research programs and units

The campus’s research activities range from small groups within academic departments to large units with connections outside UC Santa Cruz.

Research support

The Office of Research is dedicated to working collaboratively with the UC Santa Cruz community to advance research and demonstrate its impact.

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