Frequently Asked Questions: New UCSC web site

A series of new UCSC web pages was launched on Thursday, August 26, 2010, as part of two projects that the campus’s University Relations (UR) and Information Technology Services (ITS) divisions oversaw from 2008–2010. The two projects involved:

  • The development of a new website design and reorganized information architecture.
  • The implementation of a campuswide Web Content Management System (WCMS).

If you want to know more about how these two projects intersect, the goals of the effort, and how campus departments and units participated, please see the links below. We welcome your feedback.

What’s it all about?

In October 2008, Chancellor Blumenthal charged the UR and ITS divisions with developing a program that “promotes [UCSC’s] scholarly distinctions and programs effectively.” The Web Program charge emphasized a campus web strategy: defining an updated and well-organized design, and creating an easy to use, effective service that allowed users to create and maintain their own content.

Campus teams worked on a series of projects to improve the campus web presence.

  • In a process involving stakeholders across the campus, the Web Function & Design project gathered requirements and selected San Mateo design firm Rolling Orange to design the new campus look and feel.
  • Rolling Orange worked with key campus faculty, staff, and organizational groups to design the new templates for UCSC’s web presence.
  • The WCMS project spent 2009 collecting campus requirements, leading to the selection of the Hannon Hill Cascade Server content management system.
  • Beginning in winter 2010, the WCMS project implemented the Cascade Server application, creating the new Campus WCMS.
  • Phase 1 migrations (the campus home page, the Humanities Division and selected departments, and Porter College) went live in the new system in August 2010.
  • Additional projects designed and improved campus web services, began the development of new training offerings, and outlined policies to support the new environment.

Can I use the HTML/CSS from the campus web templates to update my current site?

To ensure the consistency and integrity of the new designs, the Web Steering Committee has decided not to provide the new templates outside of the Campus WCMS at this time. The reason for this decision is to prevent the incremental variations that inevitably occur when adapting designs from one platform to the next.

Where can I learn more about the Web Program?

Website changelog

  • 2010 August 26 - First WCMS sites launch with new design.
  • 2014 September 02 - All WCMS sites relaunch with responsive templates.