45+5 Celebrating Alums

45 plus 5

We're honored to recognize the 50 distinguished UCSC alumni profiled in 45+5, one of our 45th anniversary celebratory projects. These honorees were selected from hundreds of highly accomplished and deserving individuals nominated by faculty, trustees, parents, alumni, and others.

We want to know more about what UCSC grads are doing in the world. Do you know of a UCSC alum we ought to know about? Tell us about him or her!

The criteria for selecting our 50 distinguished alumni follow. Please consider them in thinking about other deserving nominees.

  • Uncommon excellence
  • Positive contribution to local communities, the nation, and our world
  • Creative, innovative, and collaborative problem solving
  • The promise of solving challenges facing the world today

We look forward to learning about the things our proud Slugs have gone on to do.

45 Years Ago.....

Campus dedication in 1965

Gas was 31 cents a gallon. The Beatles performed the first stadium concert in the history of rock. Muhammad Ali became heavyweight champion with "the phantom punch."

In Berkeley, young men were burning their draft cards as President Lyndon B. Johnson ramped up U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War; in Alabama, civil rights demonstrators, led by Martin Luther King Jr., were marching in solidarity from Selma to Montgomery.

In Santa Cruz, a major university was rising out of the coastal fog. UC Santa Cruz opened in the fall of '65 with 650 students.

Today, UCSC is an international leader in many areas of research and inquiry. At 45, the campus is young, vibrant, and passionate—looking forward with anticipation to its milestone 50th anniversary while maturing into an academic front-runner that hasn't forgotten its idealistic roots.

We can only dream of the changes that are ahead of us in the next 45 years.