Operations and Employee Recovery and Resiliency Task Force Subcommittees

Community and Morale Workgroup

  • Steve Stein, AVC, Staff Human Resources
  • Danny Grey, director, academic employee relations
  • Linda Scholz, AVC for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Mirjam Kuusik, manager, Porter College / Owl’s Nest
  • Amy Bruinooge, assistant dean, Humanities
  • Leah Kahn, curriculum analyst and instructional support supervisor, BSOE
  • Molly Meehan, HR generalist

Operations Resiliency Workgroup

  • Jean Marie Scott, AVC, Risk and Safety Services
  • Sarah Barron
  • John Bono
  • Cindy Delgado
  • Denise Dolezal
  • Lisa Ehret
  • Barbara Greening
  • Dan Henderson
  • Jim Kari
  • Dave Keller
  • John MacMillan
  • Sue Matthews
  • Grace McClintock
  • Magge McCue
  • Elizabeth Miller
  • Nader Oweis
  • Lucy Rojas
  • Lisa Wisser

Staff to Work Group

  • Amanda Gullings
  • Meagen Edwards
  • Toni Porath

Employee Resiliency Workgroup

  • Adrienne Harrell, Learning and Development Manager, Staff Human Resources
  • Courtnie Prather, Athletics and Recreation (AAR)
  • Fiona Weigant, Administrative Professional (AMP)
  • Gary Dunn, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
  • Janice Lizaso, Employee and Labor Relations (ELR)
  • Teresa Maria Linda Scholz, Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI):
  • Jessica Bulleri, Risk Services

Leveraging Opportunities Workgroup

  • Biju Kamaleswaran, Associate Vice Chancellor & Campus Controller
  • Maria Parrish (Support Member)
  • Al Covington (Team Member)
  • Bennett Williamson (Team Member)
  • Elida Erickson (Team Member)
  • Jean Nilsson (Team Member)
  • Marie Logan (Team Member)
  • Sabrina Shaver (Team Member)
  • Shelby Young (Team Member)
  • Van Williams (Team Member)
  • Kelly Roberts (Team Member)