All Volunteer Opportunities

Current volunteer opportunities

  • Arboretum Associates

    Volunteer opportunities include leading guided tours, helping in the library, serving on various committees, helping weekly with Collection Care and Weeding groups

    Contact the Arboretum at 831.427.2998

  • UCSC Affiliates

    Volunteer opportunities include fundraising for scholarships and help plan events that bring community members to campus.

    Contact Liz at 831.459.1325 or email

  • Women's Club

    Volunteer opportunities include serving on various committees, fundraising and helping with the yearly Chocolate Festival.

    Contact Kathy Rouhier at 831.459.1792 or email

  • Friends of the Farm & Garden

    Volunteer opportunities include helping with community events, working at the UCSC Farm or Alan Chadwick Garden, taking part in our docent program, helping with the Harvest Festival and other activities.

    Contact Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems, 831.459.3240,

  • Career Advice Network

    Volunteers provide career counseling and professional advice to students and alumni by telephone or as part of career fairs and conferences.

    Email or call (831) 459-2368

  • UCSC Parent Council

    Volunteer opportunities include hosting events, fundraising and attending local and regional events.

    Contact Frankie Melvin at (831) 466-2922 or email

  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UCSC

    Provides lectures, courses and interest groups (including Volunteers in Action Group) to community members who wish to engage in social, cultural and educational opportunities.

    Contact Sally Lester at 831.459-4968 or

  • Friends of the Long Marine Lab

    Volunteer opportunities include being a docent, aquarist, fundraising, providing administrative support, gardening and school program volunteers.

    Contact Lisa Rose at 831.459.3694 or email

  • Legislative Advocacy Network

    Working with UC governmental relations professionals and faculty and staff, the Office of Institutional Advocacy mobilizes advocates to support legislative activities in Sacramento.

    Contact Donna Blitzer at 831.459.3938 or email

  • Admissions Outreach

    Alumni volunteers attend high school and community college events as representatives of UCSC to share their experience as former students with prospective students.

    Contact the Office of Admissions at (831) 459-4008 or email

  • Slug to Slug

    Slug to Slug is a student group committed to building an across campus community and lifelong bridge to UCSC through Slugs helping Slugs.  Volunteer opportunities include helping at various campus and community events.

    Contact Shayna Kent at 831.459.3966 or email

  • UCSC Alumni Association Council

    Serving on the Alumni Council is one of the ways you can advance the interests and promote the welfare of the university.  Volunteer opportunities include helping with membership drives, hosting events, networking and career mentoring.

    Contact Carolyn Christoperhson at 831.459.2530 or email

  • Regional Programs

    Regional volunteers help bring UCSC across the United States!  Join others in your local area in hosting events, networking and sharing about your UCSC experience!

    Contact Samantha Li at 831-459-4631 or email

  • Retirees Association

    Retirees serve the University as advocates, ambassadors, and volunteers.

    Contact Nancy Pascal at 831.423.2422 or email

  • Emeriti Association

    Emeriti Group meetings monthly for lunch and discussion as well as sponsoring community-wide lectures.

    Contact Stanley Stevens at 831.475.9172 or email

  • Career Mentoring

    Join the online network of mentors that help provide UCSC students with information regarding the business field you are in.

    Contact Shayna Kent at 831.459.3966  or email

  • UCSC Opera Circle

    The Opera Circle helps to raise awareness and enjoy the UCSC student opera program.

    Contact Brian Staufenbiel at 831.459.2804 or email

  • Friends of the Cowell LIme Works Historic District

    Friends of this group have the opportunity to volunteer on exciting restoration projects or to be a docent for historic district tours.

    Contact Sally Morgan at 831.459.1254 or email

  • Friends of the Dickens Project

    Volunteers can help with a myriad of events revolving around the Dickens Universe.

    Contact JoAnna Rottke at 831.459.2804 or email

  • Smith Renaissance Society

    Volunteer as a mentor to local students and foster youth.

    Contact Sally Lester at 831.459-4968 or

Questions?  Don't see what you're looking for?  Have volunteer opportunities to add?
Contact Sarah Schuster Kudela, Director of Stewardship & Donor Services at 831-459-1717.