Social Media Guidelines for Users and Administrators

UC Santa Cruz’s social media guidelines were developed to empower divisions, departments, programs, and clubs to establish and manage their own social media networks. Social media is a vital resource to positively promote and communicate news, events and other information about your organization or area of interest to our campus community.

Managing and Creating a UC Santa Cruz Profile

If you are setting up a social media profile for your department, division, area, club, or activity, please let us know about it so we can support you. Contact us at Review our social media best practices to help you make the most out of your profile. 

A few quick tips: 

  • We recommend having a Facebook and Twitter account at the least, and adding Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube when appropriate. If you need help determining what platforms you should use contact
  • Include “UCSC” or “UC Santa Cruz” in your profile name and handle.
  • Stick to one handle of your entity. For example, if you are the history department, name your Facebook page UCSCHistory and your Twitter profile UCSCHistory. Be as consistent as possible.
  • Use a distinctive logo as your profile photo that will be visually recognizable to your audience and will set your profile apart from other UC Santa Cruz profiles. You should use the same profile photo and cover photo throughout your social media properties. Make sure you are designing profile photos and cover photos in the correct dimensions for each platform. Refer to this guide:
  • Make sure you link to your department, area, club or activity in the profile’s About section. Adding a link will turn your bio/about section into a potential source of referral traffic.
  • You should be posting on a consistent basis. If you are only posting once a month, your profile will not get any engagement and will have no chance to grow. We recommend posting 3-5 times a week on Facebook (once per day), once per day on Twitter, and once per day on Instagram. Need help deciding what you should be posting? Contact us!
  • Interested in Facebook/Instagram ads to grow your profiles or feature your events? Contact us for help. 

UC Santa Cruz Guidelines for Using Social Media

Any social media page you manage that is associated with UC Santa Cruz needs to be held to certain guidelines. Remember, your page represents the university as a whole!

Follow UC Santa Cruz Branding

We strongly encourage all divisions, departments, programs and clubs that launch official social media presences to follow the UC Santa Cruz identity guidelines. In order to leverage the full strength of the university’s name, fame and reputation we recommend that your social media presence be consistent and complementary to our overall brand.

Respect Others

Never use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable. Only post accurate and honest content, and if you offer your own opinion, it should be identified as such. Review the UC Santa Cruz Principles of Community for guidance.  Be prepared to see comments you don’t agree with and comments that may disparage your program, or the university. If there are comments that indicate the safety of a student or other person  may be at risk please report them to the UC Santa Cruz police department.    

Quality Control

The speed of social media is a great feature, but it also means that time to edit or reflect must be self-imposed. Take time to check spelling and grammar before publishing your content. If you are uncertain about a post, you may want to have someone else review it for an outside perspective.

Don’t Spam

We encourage you to use your online platforms to share information about your department, division or organization’s work at the university and achievements. However, overtly commercial advertisements, solicitations and promotions are not allowed. Exceptions are made for university events and community events of interest to the campus.

No Endorsements

Do not endorse or promote any product, political party, candidate or cause.

Obtain Permissions

Get permission from your supervisor before you set up your sites. Get appropriate permission before you refer to or post images, copyrighted material, intellectual property, etc.

Keep it Legal

There are legal issues, such as  relating to intellectual property and privacy that are inherent to social media. Do not disclose anything that contains confidential or proprietary information about UC Santa Cruz, its employees, students, affiliates, vendors or suppliers.  It is also critical that you comply with the laws governing copyright and fair use of copyrighted material owned by others. It is good general practice not to post art or other works of others unless you have the copyright holder’s permission (there are some exceptions to this rule, such as fair use, so please contact if you have questions).

Show Off Your Achievements!

Go ahead – show the world what an impact UC Santa Cruz is making through your division, department or organization! If you want the official UCSC accounts to help share your achievements contact us.

Requesting Help with Social Media

Have questions? We are here to help! For social media consulting, tips, or to set up a social media 101 session for you or your unit contact Kayla Isenberg, Sr. Director Digital Engagement at