Because "UCSC" is easily transposed ("USCS") or confused with other institutions ("USC"), and "University of California, Santa Cruz," is sometimes erroneously truncated, especially in broadcast media, to "University of Santa Cruz," "UC Santa Cruz" is the only acceptable alternate to "University of California, Santa Cruz," to identify the campus. 

An institution's name is its most important and ubiquitous identification element. Name recognition is increased by always presenting the name in the same typeface. Such a consistently treated name is called a logotype.

UC Santa Cruz logotype, vertical


UC Santa Cruz logotype, horizontal

This solution is a good choice when the audience is already familiar with our campus.


UC unofficial seal

Unofficial Seal

The "unofficial" seal of the University of California, shown here, is a replica of the corporate seal, with the words "Seal of" deleted. It is the only version of the seal designated by the UC Regents and the UC Office of the President for use by campuses in their communications (please refer to UC Regents Bylaw 3. Unofficial Seal: Design and Use, at www.universityofcalifornia.edu/regents/bylaws/bl3.html).

Please do not separate UC Santa Cruz from the seal graphic. The seal may be used on its own as a background graphic. However, the complete logo must accompany this solution.