Frequently Asked Questions


Can I archive my newsletters to make them available online?

No, but there are alternatives.

"View this email in a web page" link in all iModules emails is only works for recipients of the email.

Recommend building a WCMS (web content management system) page and link the newsletter to that page.

Contact the web team for assistance setting up a WCMS page.

Recipient Lists

I only have a list of email addresses and no PIDMs. Is this a problem?

Yes. Generally, we send iModules Emails to PIDMs only. This is necessary to ensure that the university is not sending to individuals who have opted out of receiving communications from UC Santa Cruz. If you have a list with emails only and no PIDMs, please attach and submit the list in a list request form.

I have a list with both PIDMs and email addresses. Can I use it?

Yes. If you have a list with emails and PIDMs, please attach and submit the list in a list request form.

Can I send new emails for you to maintain/add to my list?

Possibly. Contact the biodata team for more information.

Can I send my newsletter to an entire population like all faculty and staff?

We recommend sending the newsletter to those that are interested in receiving the newsletter, rather than whole populations. We encourage building a list of email addresses of interested folks through a sign up for a receiving a newsletter as an option on a web page or by tabling at events, etc. Email addresses by department can be found on the Campus Directory. If you'd like to promote news and events to all faculty, staff, and students, then contact Scott Hernandez-Jason for more information about Tuesday Newsday.

Size Limit

Is there a size limit to emails?

Yes. Any single image that is larger than 800 KB, or any email that in total is over 1MB. Anything larger will cause a problem when we try to release/send. We will receive an error message (example below) and will ask you to reduce the size of your email (most likely removing or sizing down images).


"The email message size (1.6 MB) is above the 1 MB limit"

Personalized Salutation

Is it possible to address people by their first name?
Yes. We’ve added a new first name token to reliably make your message more personal. Email personalization is important because it adds sophistication to an email and evokes an emotional response from recipient.

Instructions for use
The new first name token for salutations is ##friend of UC Santa Cruz## (case sensitive) and its suggested use is "Dear ##friend of UC Santa Cruz##," The following is true for this specialized first name token:

  • the token is populated with the first name or nickname (if it exists) from Banner ADFS for every consistent record in Banner ADFS*, and
  • the token will not be viewable or editable by users, but can be used as a first name token in iModules emails by iModules email authors.
    *If there is no name present in a Banner ADFS record, or if there is only 1 initial for the first name, then the phrase "friend of UC Santa Cruz" appears.

Note: It's best practice to make a salutation with 1 name related to 1 email address, not 2 names for one email address. Also, the token does not work correctly for emails sending to iModules Member IDs.

Email Performance

Can I check to see how many people opened my email and clicked on the links in the email?
Yes. Check the Email Reporting and new Beta Email Reporting sections under the Email tab.

Editorial Style Guide

Does the campus have an editorial style guide?
Yes. Entire guide. Cheatsheet.