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Introduction to WCMS email builder/iModules Email (includes WCMS email builder training)

We've developed a new method of building marketing emails that's faster, features an easier way of sharing previews with collaborators, and has fewer ways to make major formatting issues.

Sign up for an intro to WCMS email builder/iModules Email training by filling out this online form (dates/times of trainings in form).

After signing up, you'll receive an invitation to a Google Calendar event that will include information about how to attend the training.

After you've taken the training, test what you learned using this quiz.

Email Marketing Best Practices

This training highlights concepts and tips for creating email marketing messages. View a 30 minute video of the training.


Check out the WCMS email builder/iModules Email users' materials

Contact the email coordinator with any email marketing and iModules Email questions (design, HTML, writing, editorial style, etc.)