For each iModules email that you work on, the flow of your process will look something like this:

  1. Calendar your email send date. Send basic email information to the email coordinator—name of the email, type of email (event invitations, solicitation, newsletter with or without a solicitation, etc.), # of recipients, description of recipients.
  2. Collect email information including text, image(s), alternative text to non-text content, recipient list(s), buttons, etc. Verify email information with best practices and release form checklist. Visit our tools page.
  3. Build email draft in WCMS. Verify email draft with best practices and release form checklist.
  4. Send previews to yourself and your team for approvals. Incorporate any edits. Ask the email coordinator to view your iModules email in different email clients.
  5. Convert content, transfer converted content to iModules Email, and fill out the release form to have an iModules email draft released to send (the email coordinator may contact you with questions or feedback prior to releasing the email).
  6. Done. Repeat!