Images used in the header and in the body of your email can help draw readers into the content, create an emotional connection, and help convey information quickly. Link images when appropriate—image links are often one of the most clicked links in marketing emails.


Photography Guidelines

Because a picture is sometimes indeed worth a thousand words, it is very important to carefully consider the messages that photographs convey in campus communications. The photography guidelines and techniques should be applied—preferably using the skill and talent of a professional photographer or a staff member with professional-level photographic skills—when commissioning or taking photographs for use in campus communications. Request a photoshoot from Carolyn Lagatutta, Communications & Marketing photographer.

Where to Find Images

UC Santa Cruz Instagram

UC Santa Cruz Photo Library (first-time users click "Register")

UC Santa Cruz Facebook

UC Santa Cruz Twitter

If image isn't not from a UC Santa Cruz source, then we must have permission to use it. Click here for more on the UCOP copyright policy.

Image Re-sizing/Cropping Tool

There may be times when you need to re-size and/or crop an image—either for your banner or a custom image to place within the body of your email. Use the image re-sizing and cropping tool on our Tools web page to edit your image before uploading it.

Button Builder

There may be times when you need a certain phrase/call to action in a button. Use the button builder to build a custom button with that phrase.

Request a Designed Banner

Request a designed banner by contacting the email coordinator or filling out this online form (contact Miranda Powell with questions).