Best Practices

Here are a few concepts and tips for creating email marketing messages:

Overall Concepts

Measure performance

  • Check open and click through rates. Check opt-out rates.
  • Compare with other messages you’ve sent and others that have sent.

Audience (email recipients)

Content (text, images)

  • Edit content for length and clarity.
  • Content should flow logically.
  • Use images to create interest.
  • Keep banner/header images simple and text-free.
  • Show personalized gratitude & spark interest.
  • Make your call to action easy to find.
  • Be clear about who the message is from.
  • Avoid spam words, redundancy, and ambiguity in subject lines.

Overall Tips


Be mindful of other messages sending when you plan to send your email.


Avoid re-using iMods emails, use TextWrangler or Notepad to avoid issues when transferring text, use alternative text, make link text descriptive and clear, avoid centering lots of text, avoid overusing bold, italics, and font sizes.


Send lots of previews (to yourself, collaborators, a buddy, and the person whose name is in the “from” field). Request an email test (see your email in different email clients.)

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