Banana Slugs: Think it. Dare it. Do it.

UC Santa Cruz students are a different breed. They're not satisfied with the status quo—so they make their own. They're the type of student who embraces the quirkiness of the Banana Slug mascot while holding a fierce desire to make the world a better place.

They are actively building the community they want to live in. They are preparing their wings to fly, and we never tire of watching them soar.

Latest news

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Recruiting raptors for rodent control along the Pajaro River levee

    UCSC’s Predatory Bird Research Group is working with the Santa Cruz County Flood Control District to encourage hawks and owls to patrol the levee for rodent control.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} UC Santa Cruz campus was ready for its close-up

    Producers of 'Devs,' the new sci-fi thriller that premiered March 5 on Hulu, were looking for just the right location to depict a high-tech corporate campus with a tinge of dystopia. It needed to look like Northern California — sort of Silicon Valley-ish — and it needed to say science and tech. UC Santa Cruz was the right place at the right time.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Two programs will support undergrads in research, service learning, and peer mentoring

    Undergraduates in the Division of Social Sciences will soon benefit from two programs that will provide paid opportunities to do research, engage in service learning, and mentor their peers.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Karen Holl publishes a "primer" on ecological restoration

    Karen Holl has introduced hundreds of undergraduates to ecological restoration, and now she has published the book she wishes had been available when she first stepped into the classroom.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Norris Center aims to inspire naturalists across campus

    Jessica Correa has loved insects since she was a little girl. Today she is an instructor with the Bird School Project. The Norris Center for Natural History gave her the support that launched her career in environmental education.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Aquaculture to benefit people and the environment

    Two graduate students have received a one-year, $150,000 grant to create environmentally sound seaweed and sea cucumber farms on the coasts of Kenya and The Gambia.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Bringing new perspectives to astronomy

    An array of grants from the Heising-Simons Foundation is helping UC Santa Cruz accelerate astrophysics and other sciences while changing what we think an astrophysicist looks like

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Women's Rugby celebrates 40 years

    The UC Santa Cruz Women's Rugby team celebrates its 40-year history, including numerous titles and hundreds of friendships.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} The power of research

    Wilfrido Hernández Flores discovered social science research in the Culture and Achievement Collaborative, and it changed his life

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Breaking down barriers to success

    First-gen student Reina Garay-Solis is doing undergraduate research to help identify common challenges for first-gen and underrepresented students and find effective institutional practices to address them

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