UCSC Sites in Silicon Valley

UCSC has four major sites and employs more than 500 people in Silicon Valley. Its education and research programs serve more than 13,000 students from pre–K through executive levels.

A modern facility in Santa Clara houses UCSC Extension and the Silicon Valley operations of the Baskin School of Engineering. Located at 3175 Bowers Avenue, the facilities include classrooms, computer labs, and office space. Each year more than 12,000 Silicon Valley professionals turn to Extension for more than 40 professional development programs.

Lick Observatory, established on Mount Hamilton in 1888, was the first major mountaintop observatory in the world. It continues to be an important research site and is a leader in the development of instrumentation for adaptive optics. The observatory’s 3-meter Shane Telescope has played a key role in the discovery of planets around distant stars, and the new Automated Planet Finder is the observatory’s seventh major telescope.