Keeping our community healthy, one test at a time

Protect our community and help us on the journey to recovery by making regular COVID-19 testing part of your routine. 


Appointments ensure there are only a few people at a time in line.


No fees. This one is on us. Just please keep your appointments.


This is a DIY test—simple swabbing right inside your nose, not way up in your sinuses. And it's quick—30 seconds.

Learn more about scheduling and getting your COVID-19 tests:

Information for students
Information for staff and faculty

Testing locations include:

  • Merrill Cultural Center in Merrill College (map)
  • Namaste Student Lounge at College Nine across from the Student Health Center (map
  • George P. Hitchcock Lounge in the Porter College C building (map)

Appointments are for UCSC students, staff, and faculty.

Keep us safe, keep us healthy, keep us resilient. Together, we are SlugStrong!