LRDP and water agreements

The campus water demand represents about 6 percent of the total SCWD service area demand. Under the 2005 Long-Range Development Plan (2005 LRDP), the campus projects that this will increase to around 8 percent, in 2020.

In past studies, the City of Santa Cruz has projected that the city's water supply in average rainfall years is sufficient to meet the campus's existing and projected new water demand through about 2020 (including development under the UCSC 2005 LRDP and the Coastal Long Range Development Plan for the Marine Science Campus). The city has also concluded that, irrespective of any UCSC growth, it does not have enough water for its service area during multi-year droughts.

Under terms of the 2008 LRDP Settlement Agreement, UCSC agreed to comply with the water-use curtailments specified in the City's Water Shortage Contingency Plan. Even during dry years, the City may require curtailment only during the dry-season months (May through October). Therefore, water conservation measures that reduce summer water use are particularly important for the campus.