Long-term campus water planning

President Napolitano's water initiative

In January 2014, UC President Janet Napolitano announced a goal of reducing per-capita water use by 20 percent throughout the UC system by the year 2020.

"The University of California has long been a leader in conservation efforts," she said. "This new 2020 goal complements the university's Carbon Neutrality Initiative and its broader award-winning sustainability efforts. UC is prepared to play a leadership role in response to California's current water crisis by demonstrating water sustainability solutions to the rest of the state." Read more about the president's initiative.

Chancellor charges task force to consider long-range strategies

In April 2014, a new task force — charged by Chancellor Blumenthal — began meeting in an effort to identify water-management practices and new infrastructure that will support the campus's and UC's water sustainability goals. The Water Conservation Task Force is cochaired by Brent Haddad, professor of environmental studies and technology management, and Sarah Latham, vice chancellor for business and administrative services.

UCSC's Water Action Plan

UC Santa Cruz's Water Action Plan (WAP) has been developed to acknowledge achievements and identify strategies that can be implemented to reduce the campus's demand on water resources and to promote healthy watersheds in and around the campus.

Consistent with the State of California law establishing a goal to reduce per-capita potable water use consumption by 20 percent, the sustainable water systems section of the UC Board of Regents Policy on Sustainable Practice states that "...each campus will strive to reduce potable water consumption adjusted for population growth by 20 percent by the year 2020."

The UC Santa Cruz WAP recognizes the limited nature of water resources in our region and the campus's role as a responsible steward in the community. It identifies the achievements in water conservation and identifies the campus's long-term strategies for achieving sustainable water systems.