Procedure for Selection

  1. There is created for the period July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2014, inclusive, the office of Alumni Regent. This officer shall serve as the representative to the Alumni Association of the University of California, as UCSC’s Alumni Regent-Designate and as UCSC’s alumni Regent.
  2. The alumni Regent shall perform all duties and responsibilities of said position, including, but not limited to, that of Regent- Designate and Regent of the University of California as may be provided for by the Bylaws of the Alumni Association of the University of California, the Standing Orders and Bylaws of the Regents of the University of California, and the Constitution of the State of California.
  3. The alumni Regent shall be selected in the following manner:
    1. Any active member of the UCSC Alumni Association who holds a degree from UCSC, who has demonstrated interest in UCSC and the University of California in general, and who has the qualities of mind and heart required to be a member of the Board of Regents, may apply or be nominated by any person, anywhere. Applications and nominations shall be solicited through the UCSC Review, email and the Association’s Web site.
    2. To be considered as a candidate for the office of alumni Regent, a nominee must fill out the “Application for UCSC Alumni Regent” which will be disseminated and received through the UCSC Alumni Office, and must be willing to supply any additional information deemed necessary by the Regent Selection Committee concerning the nominee’s eligibility or qualifications.
    3. The Regent Selection Committee of the Council shall select the alumni Regent. This Regent Selection Committee shall be composed of all current Executive Committee members, as well as those who are newly elected to the Executive Committee during the selection process. No candidate for alumni Regent may serve on the Regent Selection Committee.
    4. After the deadline for receipt of applications, the Regent Selection Committee shall review all applications. The Committee shall determine which applicants should be invited to a personal interview with no more than five applicants.
    5. After completing the personal interviews of the applicants, the Regent Selection Committee shall choose three finalists for Alumni Regent. These three candidates will meet with the Chancellor who will provide feedback to the Committee on the final selection.
    6. The Regent Selection Committee shall then select the alumni Regent.