Banana Slugs: Think it. Dare it. Do it.

UC Santa Cruz students are a different breed. They're not satisfied with the status quo—so they make their own. They're the type of student who embraces the quirkiness of the Banana Slug mascot while holding a fierce desire to make the world a better place.

They are actively building the community they want to live in. They are preparing their wings to fly, and we never tire of watching them soar.

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  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Summertime, and the research is happening

    Transfer student Guinevere Ashley, who is working this summer in a campus lab, has found meaning and purpose in biomedical sciences research.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Police ambassador program helps students with career plans

    Graduating students Wesley Huynh and Jessica Bauman found that the UC Santa Cruz Police Ambassador Program helped prepare them for careers in law enforcement and accounting.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Sleuthing a killer shrub

    Students like Jennifer Thompson—who researched why Scotch Broom is toxic to Douglas fir—take advantage of a unique opportunity at UC Santa Cruz: the ability to do research as an undergraduate.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Undergrads experience the rewards of research

    Students such as Sanjin Mehic showcase one of UC Santa Cruz's most valuable opportunities—the chance to do original research as an undergraduate.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} ‘True Original’ alumni return for UC Santa Cruz 2015 commencement ceremonies

    Several distinguished alumni – all True Originals – will return to campus as UC Santa Cruz holds commencement ceremonies during this 50th anniversary year for 10 colleges, graduate division, and Baskin School of Engineering, Friday, June 12, through Sunday, June 14.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Students to document, share trip to World Economic Forum on Africa

    "Focus on Africa," taught by documentary filmmaker Melvin Cox (Merrill, '73), has been offered through Merrill College. Cox is discussing Africa's current affairs with students and teaching them about methods to document the World Economic Forum on Africa.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} First annual Arts Division emeriti awards honor Chip Lord and Lewis Watts

    Photographer Lewis Watts (Art Department) and media artist Chip Lord (Film and Digital Media) were honored at an inaugural luncheon to recognize the contributions of emeriti faculty in building the programs, reputation, and physical structures of the Arts Division.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Setting up for success

    The men's volleyball coach has taken the emphasis off wins and losses, encouraging players to build character by "scoring points" in the classroom, applying for jobs, and volunteering.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} An Alumni Weekend to remember

    A record-breaking crowd of 2,500 revelers, more than half of them alumni, took part in UC Santa Cruz's Alumni Weekend this year—a special edition of the event that was bigger and more elaborate than ever before in honor of the campus's 50th anniversary.

  • Who says the quarry can't rock again?

    By Alison Galloway, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor – The Quarry Amphitheater is one of the gems of this campus. Sadly, it has been closed since 2006. Now, thanks to generous donations from alumni and a truly monumental financial contribution from students, we stand on the verge of being able to reopen the Quarry Amphitheater.

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