Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity is the cornerstone of a University education.

Samuel Johnson Quote

"Embedded in academic integrity are fundamental values and principles that together reinforce educational mission and academic processes..." (Drinan, 1999).

"Academic integrity... focuses on standing up for the five values fundamental to the academic process, even when it is difficult to do so. The value of academic honesty is primary and a rerequisite to the other four ... trust... fairness, respect and responsibility." "...Without trust, there are severe limits in the cooperation needed to accumulate knowledge or verify the achievement of requisite skills and perspectives among students... Fairness guarantees that students are not disadvantaged by the dishonesty of a few. Respect means acknowledging the worth and work of others and not treating them as objects. Responsibility is defined in terms of accountability... taking action in the face of wrongdoing (Drinan, 1999)."

Academic dishonesty diminishes the university as an institution and all members of the university community. With that in mind, the links to the left will redirect you to either the undergraduate or graduate Academic Integrity policies, which are available to assist the UC Santa Cruz community in defining, supporting and upholding these values essential to the academic process.